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Name Origin Meaning Sex
Dembitz American Louis Dembitz Brandeis: U.S. Supreme Court Justice M
Demeatris American lovely, full of joy F
Denford American Combination of DENNIS and FORD M
Denim American Strong clothe F
Dismas American Dismas Hardy is the hero of several novels by John T. Lescroart M
Draven American Movie - The crow M
Drizzt American Protector of the Wild from the book of R L Salvator M
Elbridge American Elbridge Gerry: U.S. Vice President from 1813-1814 M
Essence American Sweetness F
Fenimore American James Fenimore Cooper: Famous American Novelist M
Fontella American Famous soul and rhythm?n blues artist. F
Frona American Frona is the main character?s name in the Jack-London-novel "A Daughter of the Snows" F
Frost American Frost is the middle name of George Frost Kennan, a famous American diplomat and writer. M
Gershwin American George Gershwin: Famous American Composer M
Glodean American Glodean White (the wife of Barry White) was a famous soul singer. F
Grayven American It's the colour of hope from the LP of Stranglers 1979. M
Hammett American Dashiell Hammett was a famous crime novelist in the 30s and 40s. M
Harlem American Strong, like the city harlem in NYC M
Heaven American From the Heavens F
Hemi Skye American Half of the Shelter or Sky. F
Hobie American Cat M
Jaidon American A modern name derived from Jai or Jay. M
Jaimyes American Variant of James M
Jalen American Calm or Serene M
Jameny American James and Jenny. M
Jaquinthia American formed from Jacquelyn F
Jaredann American Combination of Jared and Ann F
Javon American Role model of Packers (NFL). M
Jay-z American Famous music artists (Rapper). Variation of Jay. M
Jayla American bright F

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~ Tips for baby names hunting from our baby names list ~

     How does your unique baby names sound?
     Mix letters from parents to produce unique baby names.
     Be aware of the meaning of the unique baby names of your choice!
     The origin of the unique baby names
     Popularity of the unique baby names
     What to do if we can't agree on a unique baby name?
  • How does your unique baby names sound?

    Give it tests. Say it loud. Does it sound like how you expected? Ask feedback from your neighbors, friends, relatives, and co-workers. Two eyes are better than one. Try posting into a baby names list forum. There must be somebody in net who can give feedback on your unique baby names candidate. In fact, this site has a baby name list forum.

  • Mix letters from parents to produce unique baby names.

    For example, you can find Keanno, Keano, Seika, and Sakia unique baby names with Dennis and Ayako. In fact, you can build a long unique baby names list with Dennis and Ayako. I'm sure you can do better. When you have two names with two different cultures, it makes the name sound even cooler. Now, you have a name which is a cross between Western and Eastern Names. There are software that can help you too. If you look at Other Resources Links, you can find baby name softwares. And, it makes it easier.

  • Be aware of the meaning of the unique baby names of your choice!

    So, you already picked a baby name from a long baby names list. Whew. It is over and done. Baby Names are simply words. They have meanings. Suppose you want brave baby names, you have a choice from Andre, Andrew, Bernard, Connolly, and Donnally. For a complete list, click here... You'll be suprise how long a baby names list you can get. Check out the different meanings from our site.

  • The origin of the unique baby names

    This is a tough decision. Do you find unique baby names where you originated? Do you venture out to the uncharted origin? If you got German baby name, the baby name could sound funny in German. This is something to be aware. Fortunately, we have researched every baby name where the baby name originated and compiled our baby names list for you. Simple enough.

  • Popularity of the baby names

    Each baby name have a popularity. Our baby names shopper is kind enough to rate many of our baby names on our database. Kudos to all. We are grateful to all. When you found and click the baby name, it shows the rating of each baby name. This tells how popular the baby name is. If the baby name doesn't have rating, please rate the baby name.

  • What to do if we can't agree on a unique baby name?

    There are a few options that you can take to achieve on a unique baby name. First, you can create a long list of alterative unique baby names. From the long list, create a shorter list. Repeat the process until you finally arrive to an agreeable name. Also, you can bring another person in the equation to break the tie. Find somebody neutral who is not related. Your baby sitters, priests, or guests are good tie-breakers.

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